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Iftekhar Amin and Stan Ingman from FWOP made presentations at the International Symposium of Global and Cultural Eye on Aging, March 22 in Istanbul.  On 23rd we visited Darulaceze, a nursing home built around 1890 by the Sultan. For FWOP it was interesting to visit the workshops where

Notes from Istanbul, Turkey

Notes from Istanbul, Turkey

residents create various items to sell t support the facility, e.g., jocks, rugs, etc.


Later in the week we met with the leadership from a village association in Istanbul who work to support their villeagers in the home village in eastern Turkey and those in Instanbul . Two-

thirds of the villagers have moved to Instanbul. From their enterprises in Istanbul they attempt to support their relativees in the home villagers and those living in Istanbul . We discussed how FWOP could cooperate with their association to improve the quality of life in both locations. They have some 300 member in their association.




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