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Future Without Poverty’s (FWOP) 2016 Conference on Reducing Global Poverty Through Grassroots Sustainable Actions will be held at the campus of the University of North Texas in Denton April 21 -23. This conference is being designed to bring together local entrepreneurs that will share their successes and vision for a future without poverty based on local business models that are economically and environmentally sustainable. FWOP expects participation from its global network of 50 affiliates representing 25 countries through the use of skype conferencing for those unable to attend in person. FWOP anticipates representatives from over 10 countries to be at the conference.

The objective of the conference is to exchange ideas, projects and to expand our growing global network for a future without poverty. This is a hands on working conference that will help plan for future projects for FWOP and to set the agenda for the 2017 Summit of the Global Coalition for a Future Without Poverty to be held in Costa Rica. We are currently accepting ideas from potential presenters and will finalize the agenda by March 1. If you are interested in being a presenter or know of someone who would be interested have them send an e-mail to

At the conference FWOP will be unveiling its campaign to establish solar cooperatives as part of its Solar KO Poverty project. This project already has interest from affiliates in 6 countries to pilot the project in its first stage. The goal is to distribute 1,000,000 solar lights by 2019. FWOP affiliates from Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Asia will be sharing their inspiring stories about education, micro businesses, water, agriculture and energy projects that are already working or a part of their vision for a future without poverty.

A Future Without Poverty is a volunteer run organization with no paid staff or consultants. All the work we have done and are planning to do is done through financial and in kind donations made by our volunteers and donors. We are asking individuals, corporations and organizations to consider being sponsors of this conference and future projects of FWOP. FWOP is presenting a unique approach to becoming a FWOP 2016 Sponsor that we hope will encourage you to step forward to help those in poverty to have a future without poverty. FWOP is not setting a minimum donation on becoming a sponsor of a future without poverty. We are leaving the amount up to each of you to give what you can. Sponsors will be listed in alphabetical order in conference publications and on our website without consideration in how much they give unless they choose to remain anonymous.

If you are interested in being a financial sponsor of FWOP and especially this conference please contact or go to and make a donation using our convenient donor button. Together we can make a difference one person, one family, one community at a time.

Sometimes FWOP is asked how does the work you do make any real difference. They remind us the poor will always be with us and why do we bother. Well our answer is simple no we will never get rid of poverty for everyone but for the one we do help their life and those they touch will be changed forever. This is your opportunity to help change one or more lives for a lifetime. Please become a sponsor today.

Registration is $10 for students and $20 for others. All registrations and sponsorships will go to support the solar cooperative initiative.  Keynote speaker: Dr. Eliecer Vargas, CATIE , Costa Rica and Steve Saunders, CEO, Texenergy Solutions.   Panels on Environment, Enterprise, Education, and Empowerment  related to sustainability and poverty reduction.  Workshops on creation of solar cooperatives and an international center for testing and training of micro technologies for sustainable poverty reduction.

Hosts: Masters in International Sustainable Tourism (MIST) and  UNT- Future Without Poverty Student Chapter.

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