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Frisco, Texas —   FWOP Associate and RecruiterGreat job, Mr. Marsh! , John Marsh works at McDonald’s recruits FWOP affiliates and members in Texas and in our region. He recently received an Award for his outstanding work at McDonald’s in Frisco. Mr. Marsh is considered a role model for his focus on quality, service and cleanliness, the company noted in a news release. “John works the drive-thru and has a smile and a kind word for everyone.”

Great job! John, thank you for doing such an excellent service in representing FWOP and McDonald’s well. Keep it up!

Uganda FWOP

Some four years ago four solar lamps were overview-of-fwop-network-1distributed to four single mothers or grandmothers with children to open the door to Uganda. In 2014, Ishmaels Kabann Kahanaukye, founder of Uganda FWOP Chapter,  distributed 40 solar lamps in western Uganda  to senior citizens. Recently 400 solar lamps were distributed by FWOP Uganda. Picture below shows how difficult it was to visit the remote villages in western Uganda near the Rwanda and Tanzania border.

Here is the Presidentoverview-of-fwop-network-3 of Uganda FWOP (Ishmaels Kabann Kabanaukye) wearing a blue jacket. He was providing an explanation of how the lamps operate, how students can save money, energy, how they be able to do their homework, and how they do less harm to the planet by avoiding kerosene, a bio-carbon source of energy.

Jakarta , Indonesia

In Jakarta, XSProject, with support from the UNT FWOP affiliateoverview-of-fwop-network-4distributed  21 portable solar lamps to the middle and high school students living at the Cirendeu trash picker community. XSProject is  currently raising funds for a second order of 55 more solar lamps to distribute to the elementary school students. The students not only use their lamps for studying, but also for safety when they are walking home in the dark.  If you would like to donate to this project you can do so by clicking here

overview-of-fwop-network-5XSProject General Manager distributes a FlexiWay Solar Lamp to a student in the XSEducation program for children of trash pickers. Jeni studies by the light of her new solar lamp in her home at the Cirendeu garbage dump.

Lake Chapala, Mexico

Tepehua Centro, a large barrio north of Lake Chapala’s downtown, continues to improve monthly and yearly. First, 17 Rotary Clubs across Canada, USA and Mexico coordinated their efforts to install a Maternal Health Unit with pharmacy, laboratory space, and a sonogram roverview-of-fwop-network-6oom to serve the Tepehua Centro and surrounding barrios. As noted in an earlier post, Tepehua Centro already has a mobile unit visiting women in other barrios in the region. The new Maternal Health Unit should be operating this fall after all supplies and equipment are secured. Those interested in assisting can go to to make a contribution to the program. Many foreign retirees in Chapala help Tepehua Centro remain economically viable.


overview-of-fwop-network-7overview-of-fwop-network-8Another note-worthy project is underway in Chapala by the combined efforts of Corazon de la Tierra, University of North Texas chapter of FWOP, and FWOP, Inc. They are beginning with the installation of four clean stoves in the small homes in Tepehua Centro barrio, an investment of about $1,250.

Empowering Girls and Women Around the World

In July, women age 18 to 24 arrived in Dallas to attend the Global Summit organized by A-WOW held at Southern Methodist University.  Three college age attendees from Mumbai visited FWOP in Denton from August 2 – 4 to learn about FWOP activities,  e-commerce, marketing, energy issues and how the quilting network operates in Denton. FWOP and its affiliates helped to ensure these women were able to attend the annual Summit.

Quotes such as the following are the reasons FWOP had to ensure these women were able to attend:

 “The success for our future begins with today’s youth. In today’s world, 62 million girls worldwide are not in school, and half of them are adolescent girls. The barriers to girls completing school are particularly significant than that of boys. Many young girls do not experience this freedom of education that so many of us are fortunate to have.”

A-WOW empowers and enriches the lives of young women through education, life skill training, global exposure, and professional mentorship. The organization is currently working with young women in Ghana, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria, Liberia, India, and the United States. Every year, the girls come together to share their experiences, knowledge and to make new friends through cultural exchanges.

St. Louis, USA

Fund Raiser Support for veterans, homeless and marginal community members
Arbor Health in St Louis is home to nearly 40 veterans and was recently featured in local FOX 2, and Channels 5 and 11 news.

MMA Fight Night organized an event to raise money for health and social needs of veterans. First, they hired “Print4Vets” a Veteran Printing Service based at Arbor Health (  This business was established by Arbor Health to create jobs for vets at the facility and provide a percentage of the profits from the printing business back to Arbor Health.overview-of-fwop-network-9

A few programs are under The Urban Mission organization, a FWOP Affiliate. Urban Mission sponsors  “Shower to The People” for homeless in St. Louis. This program is exciting people around the country and has inspired a group in Dallas to start a similar program. Another unique outreach effort focuses on supporting strippers in St. Louis, the Strip Church project.

Anthem USA is a major motivator of social development in St Louis.  Some years ago Anthem USA managed to secure access to an abandoned house in St. Louis and was awarded financial assistance from Home Depot to rehab the house for a veteran. Recently, an investor came to town and with help from Anthem USA met with the city and initially, reviewed some 480 abandoned houses as potential houses to rehab. After selecting an initial 180 houses, the team has finally settled on 40 houses to focus on the next two years. We hope this project moves forward in 2017.

Below, the first house that was restored for, and now occupied by, a veteran.overview-of-fwop-network-10


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