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Get ready for another opportunity to attend FWOP’s meeting of the minds at our summit in  Costa Rica at CATIE October 4th – 6th

If you’d like to present what your organization is doing to fight poverty, please email Dr. Stan Ingman here with details about your presentation. Drop us a note of your ideas. More detail coming soon on our FWOP Facebook

Arbor Health, St Louis

Arbor Health had a visit from the Priory of St. Louis Veterans Group, who prepared a holiday meal for the residents of Arbor Health. The Arbor Health Foundation, a non-profit, has moved its assets to new organization, entitled Arise Veteran Foundation, so that their work can expand to encompass the broader community of veterans

Recently, FWOP started working with Southwest Airlines to recycle leather seats.  This partnership has helped to create new employment options and craft projects for the residents of Arbor Health. Always Green Recycling based in St. Louis has stepped up to join FWOP to employ residents of Arbor Health ( Three veterans are being trained to be locksmiths ( and one resident now has a new position as a locksmith.

Zach (MA -Chicago Art Institute) is assisting veterans at Arbor Health to do art work and Yameng (UNT-MS in Applied Gerontology) is expanding menu options and assisting with management. Zach is helping veterans create various products from the used Southwest Airline leather.

In the picture to the right, Zach and his veteran clients at Arbor Health Fund held their first art exhibit.  The leaded and beveled windows that were donated (recycled glass) to the facility and turned into painted stain glass creations.


AWOWNOW has a school for girls in northeast Ghana. The girls are producing many items such as shoes, bags, dresses, etc. to be sold sustainably in markets. To learn more about this initiative, visit











Technology and Sustainability

As FWOP moves to establish centers for training in the use of technologies to promote or support sustainable living,  we were recently made aware of the prototype established in New Mexico for the desalinization of brackish water powered by wind and solar.

Discussions are underway in Virginia,  Missouri and  Costa Rica as locations for establishing  a training and test training Center.


Solar Initiative – Uganda, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Cameroon and Ivory Coast

Lamps, cell phone chargers and solar street lamp are being shipped  across the world.  A solar street lamp arrived in Uganda in December 2016. Contributions to made through our websities Paypal account is helping us expand this global initiative.

To learn more visit:

In addition, more lamps for trash pickers in Jakarta will arrive soon, some 50 cell phone chargers have arrived to support the women’s cooperative in Ivory Coast. If you want to support this effort please make donations to FWOP on our website.

Uganda has passed out some 440 lamps to seniors and children in rural areas.  Sixty (60) solar lamps have been distributed [on loan or hire-purchase basis] in 4 rural villages, Ntungamo district, western Uganda. There is an overwhelming excitement about this innovation: lighting for rural-poor. Dr. Charles Kabakiraho (Retired Veterinary Surgeon), a volunteer with FWOP Uganda (; the solar light (still sealed in DHL box) and  Ishmaels Kabann Kabananukye (FWOP Uganda, President).

The trash picker children in Jakarta some 21 lamps have been distributed  and some 40 more will arrive in December. Pilot projects have been established in Costa Rica , Cameroon and Cameroon.


Dr. Charles Kabakiraho  (Retired Veterinary Surgeon),  colleague & volunteer with FWOP Uganda; the solar light (still sealed in DHL box) and  Ishmaels Kabann,


Tepehua Community Center and Maternal Health Clinic, Lake Chapala, Mexico
The following is adapted from Moonyeen King’s (President of Tepehua Center) recent report. One can see her work as the continuous expansion of positive impact around Lake Chapala, southeast of Guadalajara. The Tepehua Center is increasingly becoming one of the most comprehensive programs that demonstrates FWOP ‘s four E’s of Sustainability- Enterprise, Environment, Education and Empowerment.

As the Tepehua Center goes from Strength to Strength, it is sending ripples  to other barrios, inspiring other groups to follow their example.  One group is in San Juan Cosala and another that is just starting in San Pedro  (near Mescala – indigenous  village).  The programs are not just designed for Tepehua  Barrio, but for all poverty-oppressed villages on the  north side of Lake Chapala.
Just recently we had a team from Canada of Nurses and helpers visit and serve locals in partnership with Rotary Clubs of  Ajijic-Mexico and of London-Canada, and Tepehua Community Clinic.  They had no Doctors on the team, so Lakeside doctors stepped up and took up the challenge, as did the Tepehua medical team.  Close to a 1000 patients were seen in ten days.

The work took the team to a men’s rehabilitation Center in Santa Cruz.  These men are inmates and easy to track down for further treatments. A very impressive center where the residents are building a stronger program from the ground up.

The team also went to two schools. Adolescents between the age of 15 to 18.  One in Chapala and one in Mescala.  There were over 300 students in each school.  They were given physicals including pap smears, STD and cancer checks.

The Barrio of San Pedro was a hard one. The people are so poor, lacking water in the village, and the water they did have is so polluted that the entire village suffered from water born-diseases such as parasites.  Some 200 will need follow-up visits

The clinic at the Center developed the dental school program and  trained 12 qualified dental assistants, They will be qualified to apply for work anywhere in the dental profession.

To contact Moonie, email her here  . Moonyeen King. President of the Board for Tepehua.

–Mark Lutz  “ Unpoverty: Rich Lessons from the Working Poor”

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