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Posted by Miguel Juanez On June - 19 - 2017 0 Comment

Ten years ago, Hans Rosling gave this very interesting TED Talk on poverty statistics.  It focuses on fertility changes, family size, economic changes, longevity, rich/poor gap, and poverty reduction across our planet. Topics all of us here at FWOP are passionate about solving.

The Hans Rosling presentation showed decline in extreme world poverty 10 years ago as did recent piece in the Economist on April 1st, 2017. As an appeal to our fascination with youtube, we recommend you check it out as it does a good job of showing the gap between rich and poor in various countries. By exploring various forms of capitalist and socialist economic systems, some with varying levels of democratic political controls,  can all claim some credit for the progress.

The Economist article reflects the notion that it is “possible to imagine a future in which the global poverty rate continues to drop even as poverty becomes more entrenched in a few unlucky counties”.

One of our coalition of affiliates, Dallas Designing Dreams, is contributing to the notion by staying focused on micro strategies to reduce poverty. Take a look.

Dallas Designing Dreams      is a new affiliate in Dallas that provides FWOP with new capacity to assist.


Dallas Designing Dreams provide a model for all our affiliates to expand the number of entrepreneurs, artists and craft persons in this world. Some will develop micro businesses, others may develop large businesses, BUT the goal is the same.