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With FWOP partnership with COFIMICH, MUJERES VIGILANTES and SEDESOL in Mexico , we have chance to bring eco-housing and eco-villages or sustainable living to thousands. Some 5000 house are under construction now. As part of FWOP role as a full partner in the program, we continue to look for new home models and villages. Some years ago FWOP arranged for Bill Peck , architect of Lewisville to lecture at the University of Zacatecas in Zacatecas Mexico on green house construction. Bill is now building zero energy homes across North Texas. Earlier FWOP staff worked with Jane Provo of Denton Affordable Housing Corporation and Dan Fette, a well know green building in North Texas to build the Nevada Court development for low income citizens of Denton some four years ago. These houses of 1300 square feet could assure residents that their cooling and heating bill would not be above $60 per months on average for 12 months.

A week ago, FWOP representatives attended the energy summit at the Discovery Park at UNT and learn more about the Zero Energy Lab House . We then attended the ground breaking ceremony for the Lab House at noon . The Lab House will allow researchers to test various innovations integrated into a total unit to see how well they function , or how well they contribute to energy efficiency and water conservation.

The emerging idea in Denton and in Mexico with support from FWOP is create a zero energy villages, not just single homes. In Denton it could be for an intergenerational communities or a community that integrates all social classes , students , the disabled, and the elderly. In Mexico it villages will remain low income oriented. But , hope knows the future?

We learned recently that the eco house communities in Mexico are integrating various ways to secure a more sustainable future for the families. For example they are moving forward to build three more chicken /fish/kitichen gardens into the homes in San Martin. FWOP is designing a new model a house hold that uses less land. You can see our initial model in San Martin below . In other location they are installing green house to grow vetable for all seasons for consumption and for see in the local market or in region markets.

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FWOP, Solar Logic and Denton Independent School District –Advanced  Technology Center 

FWOP with the mission of expanding small scale energy   solution for low income communities around the globe  we continue  to explore for sustainable solutions.

Locally, we have a new company called Solar Logic in Munster , Texas.

Solar Logic

Solar Logic

They have a satellite lab at Discovery Park –UNT.   Recently Stan Ingmanof  FWOP took the leaders of Solar Logic to meet our engineer partner Tom Babb at the DISD-ATC where he manages the  pre-engineering programs for high school  students in Denton and the region.

As a result of the simple act , Tom Babb and his students  have made arrangement to make parts for Solar Logic in 2011 . Thus,  pre-engineering students are able to work on actual real problems for an actual company.

Two of Tom Babb’s student have graduated in June and will be freshmen at UNT and will study engineering.  FWOP hopes  to have them work on creating various  sustainable solutions for our partners around the globe.