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Current Projects and Proposals Needing Funding

These are some of the many on-going projects in the United States and around the World. If you have a specific need in a specific community let us know and we will work with you to bring food, water, electricity and jobs to help those in need.

Future Without Poverty Ambassadors working on projects to rebuild Haiti

On-going projects in the United States and around the world
On-going projects in the United States and around the world

Several of our ambassadors are working on plans to bring jobs and micro enterprises to Haiti in the wake of the worst disaster in Haiti’s history. Prior to the earthquake we were working on plans to build a school and chicken farm in Haiti. The school project would bring the opportunity for students to study indoors by building the first school in this Haitian community. The plans for the school are now on hold and the building will now be delayed by several months. Some of the funds that were raised to build the school are now being used for emergency relief in Haiti. We are asking for donations to replace the $20,000that was previously raised for this project (now being used for emergency relief).

The chicken farm had a commitment of $150,000 to purchase the land and to begin the building of the farm. The funds were going to be used to purchase about 3.5 acres outside of Port Au Prince and to begin a chicken cooperative. Once the main farm is in place then we would find other farmers in Haiti that would replicate the farm and be able to produce eggs and chicken for the local markets. In this way we would be creating jobs and helping to produce locally grown protein. Once the current troubles have passed we will be able to begin implementing the plan. The original plan was to begin building the farm in January 2010. We are very fortunate that we had not already started the project. Now the project is needed more then ever.

If you are able to help with our rebuild Haiti projects please send a donation to the FWOP Build Haiti Fund. We need to raise $170,000 for these two projects. We will begin construction as soon as we can finalize the details on the ground for the materials and workers.

Please click here to make a donation.

The Los Martincitos Project:  Empowering the Elderly in Villa El Salvador (Peru)

Located in a sprawling shantytown on the outskirts of Lima, Peru, the Los Martincitos Senior Citizen Center goes quietly about the business of fulfilling the most basic of daily needs for approximately 145 indigent elderly. Participants often live alone in harsh conditions, with little or no family support. Elderly abuse and neglect are common. Many suffer from debilitating medical conditions and very often have a hard time getting to the center which necessitates home visits from staff whenever possible.

Empowering the Elderly  in Villa El Salvador (Peru)
Empowering the Elderly in Villa El Salvador (Peru)

Los Martincitos exists almost entirely on donations and volunteer assistance. Director and Founder Antonio Palomino Quispe (Tonny) and Sr. Jacqueline Glessner (Jacci), accompanied by an enthusiastic staff, somehow manage to keep the center going, but it is often a day-to-day struggle. There is a lengthy waiting list for those who want to participate, and on days the center is closed, the majority of the seniors must fend for themselves. At the present time, there is only enough money to keep the center open three days a week.

On-Going Projects in the United States and Around the World

A typical water project in another country or in some areas in the United States

It costs about $2,500 to build a spring house and to bring water to a community water tank. (costs can be more or less depending on the distance we have to run the pipe). To bring the water from the community tank to the individual homes it costs about $20.00 per household (costs can be more or less depending on the distance from the tank). We can build a community bath house and waste water and gray water system in the community for $10,000.

Typical sustainable agriculture projects and micro enterprise opportunities

FWOP can begin a sustainable agriculture project in a community to provide food and a source of income when the access farm produce is sold. It costs about $50 to help a family of four to start their own kitchen garden with seed and irrigation. For a donation of $100 we can supply an incubator to hatch chicken eggs to start a chicken farm. A donation of $250 allows us to provide grown chickens to begin the farm with chickens that are laying eggs.

A proven workable design is to combine a chicken farm with a fish farm and build the chicken pens above the fish tanks. We can build a fish tank with a chicken pen for a donation of $10,000. For a donation of $500 we can stock the pond and produce hundreds of pounds of fish to be used locally or sold in a local market. We can build a fish tank for a donation of $5,000.

Bringing a light to the needy and helping students to learn

FWOP can bring solar electricity to a school in Mexico to provide lights and to run their computer. For a donation of $1,000. We can provide a solar electric system for lights and a radio for a home for $500.

If you have an idea for a project,please let us know about it!

Click here for more information on The Los Martincitos Project in Peru

There are several projects that we would like to do if we can find the funding:

  • World Headquarters for the Global Network for A Future Without Poverty Micro Enterprise Incubation Center in Ripley, Ohio for more information, click here
  • Solar Development Project for Zacatecas, Mexico The objective of this project is to establish a thriving self-supporting solar utility cooperative in Zacatecas, Mexico.

If you would like to become a volunteer and help with a project click here for more information (Coming soon)

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