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About FWOP

Future Without Poverty is a non-profit organization that was born through the realization that handouts were not enough to fight poverty. Simply making donations is not sufficient. Instead, sustainable opportunities are needed to adequately fight poverty. “The Myth of No Effect” is the belief that one person cannot make a difference. Future Without Poverty seeks to break this myth by showing that each person can make a difference in our global community. Working together, we can give everyone the opportunity to have a future without poverty.

A Future Without Poverty Logo

A Future Without Poverty

Future Without Poverty builds these opportunities by creating sustainable programs focused on the Four E’s:

  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Enterprise
  • Environment

Future Without Poverty seeks partners who will fight against poverty for the “long haul” and help in building sustainable communities globally.

Become a Myth Buster

FWOP is working with individuals, communities, students, colleges, universities, businesses, governments, foundations and non-profit organizations forging partnerships to break the myth of no effect. We believe that each of us has the opportunity to help build a world without poverty. If you believe that it is time to eliminate hunger, provide adequate shelter, clean water and a life without the pain of poverty, please sign our guest book and consider being part of the solution.

On-going projects in the United States
and around the world

Click here to see some of the many projects that we are working on around the world. If you have a specific need in a specific community let us know and we will work with you to bring food, water, electricity and jobs to help those in need.

Our donors are breaking the myth of no effect every day by making a difference in peoples’ lives by reducing the pain of poverty and by giving individuals hope.

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