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Breaking the Myth Market”

A project of

A Future Without Poverty


What myth are you talking about?


The myth that an individual can not make a difference” Each person that is making the items we sell are breaking the myth that there are no jobs in their community. They are breaking the myth that you can not start your own business. They are breaking the myth that no one cares about the poverty that they live in every day. As a customer you are helping to break these myths and you are making a difference in this person’s life, their family and in their community. Thank you for becoming a myth buster.

At this time we are beginning to look at opportunities to find vendors that would be interested in selling us products that we would sell through our online store. We want to find products that meet the following criteria.

Store criteria:

  1. Products that have or we can create a market for
  2. Products that provide at least a 100% mark up between the wholesale and retail price
  3. Product that is easy and inexpensive to ship
  4. Product that has a long shelf life
  5. Product that can be easily restocked
  6. Product that is unique and provides jobs to individuals in poverty
  7. Product uses all materials that are legal in the USA

FWOP criteria:

  1. The product must be made by an individual that is committed to improving their economic condition
  2. The product is not made by using any child labor that is not typical for the culture
  3. The product is not made of any substance that is illegal in the country of manufacture
  4. That the price charged for the product fairly reflects the time and materials used based on local economic conditions
  5. That the individual agrees for us to use their name and image in selling the product
  6. The individual agrees to have us share their story with others
  7. The individual agrees to provide a certain quantity that meets quality standards
  8. The individual does not use and parts of endangered species listed by CITES

Information needed to having a product reviewed:

  1. A description of the individual and their economic situation
  2. A description of the community that the individual lives in
  3. A description of the proposed item(s)
  4. A cost break-down of the item vs. time to produce the item and cost of raw products
  5. An estimate of the average laborer’s wage in the community
  6. Potential impact of the business on the community

Basic information form for store items

Name of item: ____________________________________________________________________


Description of item: (less then 100 words include what it is made of)


Item photos: (Please include close up photos of all sides of the item and at least one photo of the item being made)


Item wholesale price:


Suggested retail price:


Country origin:


Community origin:


Average amount of time it takes to make the item:


Average hourly or daily wage of a laborer in the community:


Average cost of raw products to make the item:


Name of craftsperson:


Picture of person:


History of person: (less then 100 words)


Organization or project description: (less then 100 words)


Impact of item on craftsperson, project or organization: (lees then 100 words)



Any other notes or special interests:





Please e-mail this information with attached jpegs to


We will review all requests and respond within 10 business days with a decision. Once we decide to accept an item an agreement with the terms will be signed by both parties. Under most circumstances we will carry the item for 90 days and guarantee to purchase a set number of items. We will evaluate the sales after 90 days and make a decision if we will renew our agreement and purchase more items.


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