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Posted by Future Without Poverty On December - 4 - 2010 0 Comment


This project will build a global online market place that is devoted to creating jobs for 100 families (500 people) in poverty. The only solution to reducing poverty is to create jobs.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Provide Jobs To 100 Families – Breaking The Myth

Provide Jobs To 100 Families – Breaking The Myth

Poverty can be found in every country and can be a life sentence of hunger, thirst, illness, illiteracy and premature death. Most handouts are only short term band aids to the problem and create a dependency. The only real solution to eliminating poverty is to create jobs that pay a livable wage based on the local economic conditions. Individuals that are very creative and hardworking are only asking for a chance to earn enough money to feed, cloth and house their families.

How will this project solve this problem?

This project will create on online “Breaking the Myth Market” that creates jobs, builds business knowledge, self respect and most importantly provides an opportunity for a future without poverty. This project will provide work for 100 families.

Potential Long Term Impact

The “Breaking the Myth Market” will provide jobs to 100 families (impacting 500 individuals) and will successfully break the cycle of poverty in their lives and create a future without poverty for them.

Project Message

FWOP “Breaking the Myth Market” is creating jobs which is the long term and permanent solution to reducing poverty. “With the help of FWOP I am able to feed my family and help others in my town”
Eduardo (Pato) Ochoa Contreras, Pato is a beneficiary and now a volunteer

Funding Information

Total Funding Goal: $50,000

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Future Without Poverty is a non-profit organization that was born through the realization that handouts were not enough to fight poverty. Simply making donations is not sufficient. Instead, sustainable opportunities are needed to adequately fight poverty.


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