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Posted by Future Without Poverty On September - 5 - 2013 0 Comment
Doc Preston Pic

On a recent trip to Guadalajara for Future Without Poverty photographed from left: Candy Ornelas, Pedro do Amaral, Michael ‘Doc’ Preston, Julio Saucedo, Stan and Veronique Ingman, and Margaret Margaret Equopi Bate.

BATAVIA, OH (September 5, 2013) – A Future Without Poverty announced Michael “Doc” Preston,  Assistant Professor of Biology at UC Clermont College, as the Future Without Poverty’s Breaking the Myth of No Effect 2013 Award recipient.  A Future Without Poverty is an international volunteer run non-profit organization founded in 1995 that encourages individuals to make a difference by breaking the cycle of poverty in someone’s life.

Past recipients of the award are John Hernandez of Forth Worth, Texas and Eduardo Contreras of Mazamitla, Jalisco, Mexico. Breaking the Myth of No Effect is voted on and awarded annually by the Future Without Poverty’s Board of Directors.  The award is presented to an individual that has broken the myth that one person cannot make a difference.

Dr. Preston’s life epitomizes the award that has been bestowed upon him.  Preston was born and raised in an isolated village (population 5,000) in Eastern Kentucky. Like many others in that region, Preston worked as a coal miner.  However, Preston had a drive to help others in the health area.  He left the coal mines in Eastern Kentucky in search of a health profession that would fulfill his quest to help others and  settled on dentistry.  After building a successful dental practice, he once again felt the need to help others. Find out more and get help at This time it led him into a university classroom.  Preston  is not satisfied by simply teaching out of the book.  His students are encouraged to follow his lead of getting involved and help others.

Locally, Preston has taken the initiative to make a difference in combating the local drug epidemic.   Dr. Preston continues to be an integral part of reaching youth before the drugs reach them. His ongoing drug intervention work has the potential to make a positive lasting impact on our youth. In addition, Dr. Preston has started a Future Without Poverty student chapter.   Internationally, Preston  has traveled to Mexico on more than one occasion to work on building a mutual beneficial educational network with our neighbors.  The goal is not only educate our students but to improve the quality of life for citizens from both countries.

When asked why he does this work, Preston said, “Reducing the ills that afflict society must be done as participants….not as bystanders.”

“While individuals may not be able to change the world, they can change the world of one individual.” Congratulations Dr. Preston! You truly are breaking the myth of no effect,” said Syl Flores Founder and President of Future Without Poverty. (


NOTE: NEWS RELEASE – for immediate release

For more information contact Mae Hanna, Assistant Dean of Marketing & Communications at UC Clermont College (513) 732-5332.


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