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Ten years ago, Hans Rosling gave this very interesting TED Talk on poverty statistics.  It focuses on fertility changes, family size, economic changes, longevity, rich/poor gap, and poverty reduction across our planet. Topics all of us here at FWOP are passionate about solving.

The Hans Rosling presentation showed decline in extreme world poverty 10 years ago as did recent piece in the Economist on April 1st, 2017. As an appeal to our fascination with youtube, we recommend you check it out as it does a good job of showing the gap between rich and poor in various countries. By exploring various forms of capitalist and socialist economic systems, some with varying levels of democratic political controls,  can all claim some credit for the progress.

The Economist article reflects the notion that it is “possible to imagine a future in which the global poverty rate continues to drop even as poverty becomes more entrenched in a few unlucky counties”.

One of our coalition of affiliates, Dallas Designing Dreams, is contributing to the notion by staying focused on micro strategies to reduce poverty. Take a look.

Dallas Designing Dreams      is a new affiliate in Dallas that provides FWOP with new capacity to assist.


Dallas Designing Dreams provide a model for all our affiliates to expand the number of entrepreneurs, artists and craft persons in this world. Some will develop micro businesses, others may develop large businesses, BUT the goal is the same.


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Amanda Sunny, MPH,  Director, Exquisite Water, Inc. and Whitney Carr, Vice President of UNT FWOP Chapter and on the advisory board of Exquisite Water, Inc. recently returned from water testing in three villages in the State of Anambra, Nigeria. Two water treatment systems were also tested Rorus and Cascade Designs. They are going back to more testing in dry season and begin to implement an intervention in one village.  They have a fundraiser on crowdrise for their organization. Link to fundraiser:

Mexico – GuadalajaraColegio Union Mexico, affiliate of FWOP

In October twenty-eight students from Colegio Union Mexico (K- 12)  in Guadalajara arrived in Denton for a week at Camp Compass. Program included field trips in museums in Dallas and Fort Worth, a tour of zero net energy lab house at UNT, afternoon on organic dyeing of fabric, and an afternoon on recycling, waste water treatment, and methane gas for electricity at Denton Water-Recycling-Solid Waste complexes. Rotary and FWOP members had great dinner with these working class middle and high school students one evening while they were in town. We believe the students at CUM may start a solar cooperative at their school.

To see the visit to Bettye Myers Middle school in Denton, click here:!cum-visit/c1syt They visited class rooms and attended the soccer practice of a special program designed to reduce dropout rates from schools in Denton ISD. The program is entitled GOAL, it mixes soccer with mentoring and community service.

Ivory Coastivory Coast and UNT FWOP Teams

UNT FWOP and Ivory Coast FWOP hosted its first benefit dinner to support the establishment of two  solar lamp cooperatives in Ivory Coast in December.  One location is in the western mountain village and another will be in Abidjan, the Capital.


St Louis, MOAnthem USA Empowering the HomelessArbor Health Management

Anthem USA took over some six months ago Arbor Health for  veterans with mental  health and addiction challenges.  On Veteran’s Day they decided to look for homeless veterans and by weeks end two new veterans were moved into Arbor Health and take off the streets of St Louis.

Mexico – TepheuaTepehua's OB/GYN ClinicOB/Gyn Mobile Clinic

The Tepehua Centro in Chapala (operated by retirees and volunteers from barrio and region) is completing the OB/GYN clinic at the Centro soon  and they have a new van for their OB/GYN mobile clinic program that goes to other poor barrio near Chapala around Lake Chapala  area, southeast of Guadalajara. (

Costa Rica

UNT FWOP and FWOP leadership met with the Co-Directors of Sustainable Tourism (Dr. Dan Spears and Eliecer Vargas)  and the newly formed FWOP Graduate Student Chapter officers. We discussed their goals in Texas and in Costa Rica. We also began to explore if we may hold the 2017 Summit at university in Cartago, Costa Rica (Solutions for Environment and Development – CATIE – We will keep you posted.

Ugandan FWOP MembersUganda

The newly formed Uganda FWOP chapter recently passed out some 40 solar lamps to senior citizens in western Uganda. FWOP will work with this Uganda FWOP Chapter and CHC Foundation Limited to establish a solar cooperative in the coming months. Ishmaels Kabanukye, Chair of  Uganda FWOP Chapter is initially strongly focused  on poverty among elders in Uganda .   In the 16th of October,  he was elected as Chairman of Uganda Association of Gerontology and Geriatric Association. See photo above. This will provide a good foundation for FWOP to expand its impact in Uganda.

More details on our partnerships on the next round!

-Miguel Juanez

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Located one hour east of Cincinnati is the Historic Village of Ripley, Ohio.  This village of 1,800 people was a major player in the Underground Railroad.  The homes of abolitionists Rev. John Rankin and John P. Parker are located close to the Ohio River which was the dividing line between freedom and slavery.  Eliza of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” fame crossed the Ohio River in Ripley on her way to freedom.

The  majestic view from atop one of the village landmarks.

The majestic view from atop the John Rankin House

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FWOP LogoFWOP Membership is free to anyone who believes that every person in the world has the right to have a life without poverty. As a result, we are launching our Global Electronic FWOP Network.

As a member, you will receive a monthly newsletter and updates highlighting the ways you can get involved and what other members are doing to make their communities resilient. Both locally and around the world.

There are no dues or fees to join. However, if you can afford to make a donation of any amount, it will help cover the expense of creating this network.

To make a donation, click on the Donate Button on the right sidebar.


Join A Future Without Poverty Today!

Are you a part of those that feel it is time to take a stand against hunger, homelessness and the ravages of modern day poverty? By signing up to join our Global Electronic FWOP Network you are telling the world leaders that we need an end to the suffering caused by the uneven distribution of the global resources.


Stay tuned for our 2017 Summit of the Global Coalition.

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Kendall Brune , PhD Director of Economic Development for FWOP has been involved in developing an exciting effort in St Louis.

Hundreds of volunteers (424 Volunteers) worked with Rebuild Together-St. Louis to transform a north St. Louis building into a training center for military veterans.

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UNT Dallas
Student Association


Hi to All:

First of all I want to thank and congratulate everyone for their hard work, and effort put into FWOP activities in these couple of weeks, we have achieved many things as an organization, and I want to let you know that without your help this couldn’t be possible, and I want to encourage us to keep up the good work. We did a great job planting in our exhibition garden, things are looking pretty good last time I checked, thank you to all of you

UNT Dallas FWOP Student Association

UNT Dallas FWOP Student Association

watering, and giving maintenance to our beautiful garden. We did an awesome job painting our beds, I think they look gorgeous, thank you so much Keith for donating the paint, and making the little bed for the flowers it looks really good. Finally last week fundraiser was a success, we were able to raise a good amount of money, and during this activity we were able to share our beautiful newsletter with some of the people that were kindly donated to our organization, our hope is to get more name recognition and I think this is a great way to do it, thank you so much for all of you that were there to help.

UNT Dallas FWOP Student Association

UNT Dallas FWOP Student Association

We still have some more activities coming for this semester. I also want to remain all that we are having a meeting this week at 4:00 pm in room 226 building 1, please bring your time sheets. I hope to see you all there, thank you so much.

Miguel Sanchez
UNT Dallas FWOP Student Association

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Making jewelry to help support their needs

Los Martincitos Senior Citizen Center

Located in a sprawling shantytown on the outskirts of Lima, Peru, the Los Martincitos Senior Citizen Center goes quietly about the business of fulfilling the most basic of daily needs for approximately 145 indigent elderly. Participants often live alone in harsh conditions, with little or no family support. Elderly abuse and neglect are common. Many suffer from debilitating medical conditions and very often have a hard time getting to the center which necessitates home visits from staff whenever possible.

Traditional crafts made to sell at the market

Traditional crafts made to sell at the market

The center offers a hot and healthy breakfast and lunch; access to limited medical care by visiting nurses and physical therapists; and counseling from the staff. Social activities include exercise classes; arts and crafts programs; dances; occasional field trips; and visits from local schoolchildren and volunteers. Activities are often designed to build up the seniors’ self-esteem and to make sure that for at least a few hours a week, they have a safe haven away from often heart-wrenching living situations that most of us cannot even imagine.

Volunteers helping with a building project

Volunteers helping with a building project

Los Martincitos exists almost entirely on donations and volunteer assistance. Director and Founder Antonio Palomino Quispe (Tonny) and Sr. Jacqueline Glessner (Jacci), accompanied by an enthusiastic staff, somehow manage to keep the center going, but it is often a day-to-day struggle. There is a lengthy waiting list for those who want to participate, and on days the center is closed, the majority of the seniors must fend for themselves. At the present time, there is only enough money to keep the center open three days a week.

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FWOP Team,

Warm ‘thank yous’ to the team and everyone from UNT Dallas: Assistant Provost Dr. Ross for his words and support, their faculty advisor Dr. Mason who did a great job leading and developing the garden, and Frances Rizzo, Carolyn Kimball and the entire FWOP team for putting this together. This is an exhibition garden, paving the way for the next big community garden which will make it possible for local produce to help the community and raise valuable horticulture awareness. Please forward to everyone not on the email list whom could benefit from the pictures.

Thank you again everyone, please continue breaking the myth of no effect!



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We have received approval from Dr. Ross for the Community Garden Plot Project.

It will start as an Exhibition Garden for the fall and to allow for fundraising then have a Spring garden. The school is giving us an initial $500.00 I feel strongly that the guidelines for existing service learning programs at other universities such as the University of Indiana (Dr. Ross came from there) primarily for sustainability

Community Garden Plot Project-UNT Dallas FWOP Student Association

Community Garden Plot Project-UNT Dallas FWOP Student Association

funding and UNT Dallas just spent $45 million on a LEEDS building. The Dallas County Master Gardeners Association is ready to help us with the project along with Don Lambert, Gardening in Community Development(GICD) and Our Savior Community Gardens (where I did my service learning).Dr. Amanda Coleman-Mason, our advisor, has made a committment involving her HSML classes for the service learning hours needed by her students. Francis Rizo has also made a committment to provide her leadership especially to me. Thanks to all of you.

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Provide Jobs To 100 Families - Breaking The Myth


This project will build a global online market place that is devoted to creating jobs for 100 families (500 people) in poverty. The only solution to reducing poverty is to create jobs.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Provide Jobs To 100 Families – Breaking The Myth

Provide Jobs To 100 Families – Breaking The Myth

Poverty can be found in every country and can be a life sentence of hunger, thirst, illness, illiteracy and premature death. Most handouts are only short term band aids to the problem and create a dependency. The only real solution to eliminating poverty is to create jobs that pay a livable wage based on the local economic conditions. Individuals that are very creative and hardworking are only asking for a chance to earn enough money to feed, cloth and house their families.