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Posted by Future Without Poverty On March - 12 - 2011 1 Comment

We are proud to start our online shopping experience with the launch of our new store.

Help us to build an online store to support jobs to create a future without poverty for families around the world. This is a test page that is under construction and we need your comments on how to improve the store. We also need you to purchase some items to help us test the system. Every item is hand made and 90% of your purchase price is used to buy more items for the store. Please visit the store at:

To share your ideas about the store please go to


Making Jewlery

Making Jewlery

This project will build a website to create market access for skilled crafters that will support jobs for 100 families (500 people) in poverty. The only solution to reducing poverty is to create jobs.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Poverty can be found in every country and can be a life sentence of hunger, thirst, illness, illiteracy and premature death. Most handouts are only short term band aids to the problem and create a dependency. The only real solution to eliminating poverty is to create jobs that pay a livable wage based on the local economic conditions. Individuals that are very creative and hardworking are only asking for a chance to earn enough money to feed, cloth and house their families.

How will this project solve this problem?



This project will create a website that provides access to a global market for skilled crafters that tells their story, creates jobs, builds business knowledge, self respect and most importantly provides an opportunity for a future without poverty

Potential Long Term Impact

The “Breaking the Myth Market” will provide jobs to 100 families (impacting 500 individuals) and will successfully break the cycle of poverty in their lives and create a future without poverty for them.



Project Message

FWOP “Breaking the Myth Market” is creating jobs which is the long term and permanent solution to reducing poverty. “With the help of FWOP I am able to feed my family and help others in my town”
Eduardo (Pato) Ochoa Contreras, Pato is a beneficiary and now a volunteer





Funding Information


To make a donation to help this project go to:

Or send a check to:
FWOP, 8733 Old Dumfries Road
Catlett, VA 20119

Or Donate Via PayPal:

Thank you for visiting our on line store which is creating jobs and an opportunity for a future with out poverty for individuals around the world.   If you would like to review the criteria we use to pick the items or if you know of an item that we should consider please take a look at the basic information on the store items form. We are always looking for individuals that produce unique items that have a limited market and are actively working to reduce their level of poverty. If you would like to nominate an individual please fill out the information on the form and e-mail it to



Click Here to See How we Select Items for the Store or to Nominate an Item to be Included in our Store.




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    Whom ever came out with this idea will uplift us and with this connection,I will be be able to get access with hand made items …African… and i am sure everybody will be happy and grateful.


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