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Posted by Future Without Poverty On September - 12 - 2011 0 Comment

Sha a ‘Adu : Mujeres Vigilantes’ s housing project in Hidalgo State

The Mujeres Vigilantes recently inaugurated a tourist complex on a large recreational lake in State of Hidalgo.

The name of the project is, Sha a’ Aud, was inspired by the “kibbutzin” communities of Israel. The idea behind the project was to combine a community for native or indigenous families with a special business foucs for village men and women to secure a living.

Lic. Ivonne Solis Sandoval, President of Mujeres Vigilantes , came up with idea while visiting Israel on trade mission. Ms Sandoval brought together SAGARPA(Agriculture) , SRA (Agarian Reform) and SEDESOL (Community and Economic Development) from Federal Government to fund the project. The first youtube celebrates the opening of the project.

The project is located near Zimapan in northwest region of the State of Hidalgo. Some 1500 employees will have work that is related to this lake retreat. Zimapan is easily accessible from Mexico City. The next youtube shows the cabanas, the lake and the initial construction of the homes (200) for the workers at the resort.

Finally, Lic. Ivonne Sandoval explains the reason for the project in the youtube below.

Future Without Poverty, Inc. is proud to be a partner with Mujeres Vigilantes and to be a witness of their numerous accomplisments in Mexico. New homes have been built in Sahuayo near Lake Chapala. They started building their network and organization in 2004.


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