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Posted by Stan On April - 20 - 2019 0 Comment

Some years ago FWOP reported on the Choctaw Band being flooded out of the homes on the coast of Louisiana. Miami Beach as reported on the news (03-24-19) today is building sea walls or structures to stop the flooding in rich and poor neighborhoods. Can they build this walls and houses high enough?
Citizens’ Climate Lobby in Denton sponsored two “Climate Change Discussions” along with co-sponsors – UNT FWOP Chapter, UNT/FWOP Air Monitoring projects, UNT Urban Policy and Planning Degree, Nonprofit Leadership Studies Degree, UNT Health Services Administration Program, UNT College Democrats.
First session featured Phil Andrews, Managing Director of International Innovation Center in Dallas who examined which innovations under the banner of smart cities may assist cities and citizens to reduce climate change and adjust to the impact of climate change.
Second session had Stan Ingman discussing how Denton’s focus on being a more sustainable city has been attempting to mitigate the effects of climate change for many years as well as a respond the challenges of climate change. Your contribution could be, for example, using eco-friendly services like Denton plans to have 100% of its electricity provided by renewable energy sources, i.e. mostly wind and solar with some burning of methane coming off the solid waste deposited at ECO-W.E.R.C. in east Denton.
The next session at 5pm will be at 180 ESSAT Building at UNT and will host Steve Saunders, CEO of Tempo, Inc. on April 18th. Tempo is a holding company of diverse businesses that work to improve building performance in sustainability, efficiency, comfort and wellness.
Among the many personal awards, Mr. Saunders has received a National USGBC Leadership Award and is a member of the Contracting Business Hall of Fame. Tempo (including subsidiaries) is a 3-time ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, three-time Contractor of the Year and five time National Green Partner of Excellence. The company Stay Classy in Scottsdale, Arizona is owned by its employees and operates with a black car service.
The discussant will be Eliecer Vargas, PHD, Visiting Faculty from CATIE, a Graduate School in Costa Rica, and Co-Director, Master’s in International Sustainable Tourism (MIST), College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism, UNT.


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