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Veteran Housing in St Louis: Preventing Homelessness and Promoting Human Development

A private company called Anthem USA, LLC has the following vision: To create new models of sustainable supportive environments for at risk populations by innovation and collaboration with other organizations. ...

What if God were listening…

What if God were listening… This past summer I tried to walk a mile in their shoes, the homeless shoes.  The drive to do this was because the feelings that use ...

Help A Future Without Poverty combat poverty

Your donation will help A Future Without Poverty combat poverty.

Future Without Poverty

Because everybody deserves a future without poverty. FWOP is a 501 (c) 3 non- profit tax exempt organization.

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UNT/FWOP with many partners on campus and the Citizens’ Climate Change Lobby have sponsored three open forums to discuss prevention of and adjustment to climate change globally, nationally and internationally. Senior Fellow at Harvard, Camilla Cavendish noted in the April 20-21 issue of the Financial Times that the central bank governors of London and Paris said in a powerful joint statement that climate-related insurance losses have quintupled in 30 years, and that only a “massive reallocation of capital” can prevent temperatures from rising by 2 degrees centigrade. She concludes that the Extinction Rebellion needs to be taken seriously. The editorial in the same issue of the Financial Times suggests that we may need to cut back on meat consumption because of the 14.5 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions produced by farm animals. “ Cattle are the worst culprits”.
Our first Climate Change session featured Phil Andres who reviewed which technologies and smart city innovations may lower CO2 emissions. Stan Ingman in the second session focused upon how Denton, Texas has become one model for how each city can be a solution to the climate change challenge. Denton by 2023 will operate on 100% renewable energy electric power. Dan Fette, a local green home builder, explained how all structures can move toward near zero CO2 emissions and lower water use.
The third session had Steve Saunders CEO of Tempo Inc. in Irving, Texas , an employee-owned air and heating system company, explained how we can move home and apartment building companies to improve performance in sustainability, efficiency, comfort and wellness, even while some 40% of his business owners may not believe in climate change. Mr. Saunders and his company, who has received awards from CNN , US Green Builders Council, Energy Star, and National Green Partners , focuses on three factors to operate his business bi-weekly or monthly, People, Profit and Planet. Eliecer Vargas from Costa Rica challenged us to reduce waste and thus avoid recycling which may be too simple-minded as it relates to the very complex issue of climate change.
Regardless of future climate change, we now know about large populations of climate refugees who are on the move across the globe. While we have had some successes in reducing poverty in places like China, we are faced with more and more examples of droughts, flooding, strong winds, poverty and extreme heat driving especially vulnerable rural populations in search of new places to live and work.
Two recent change books lay out the challenges ahead in detail:

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We learned recently about an interesting organization, SCRAP, Inc ( . They operate in some 8 locations across the USA. They take “ waste” donations and sell at low prices to artists, craft’s people, and school teachers. Thus, they reduce waste going to landfills and create small businesses that create some jobs. They are similar to Habitat, Goodwill and other reuse stores. However, focus is mainly with materials for crafts or art projects. FWOP dropped some leather seats from Southwest Airlines at the local Scrap store in Denton, Texas for artists and teacher to use.

Boxes and semi-truck loads of used leather from SW have been shipped to various locations, i.e., Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, California and Texas. Disabled veterans and seniors, artists and craft’s people are exploring how new products can be created from leather seats.
Email : if you have an interest in the leather. Help Heupcyclingal Veterans in California ( has become an ideal partner.

Up-Cycling — Recycling Used Leather
Small Business Promotion, Artists, Craft People, Teachers, Vocational Programs, Disability Programs

FWOP in partnership with ARISE Veteran Foundation , works in partnership with Southwest Airlines to repurpose discarded materials from their aircrafts that receive updates. ARISE assist with finding a new home for leather seat covers, as well as other items and materials being repurposed.
Denton Land Fill- ECO-W.E.R.C.S. – More Innovations

Land fill experts around the world are watching Denton, Texas. Some things work and some efforts do not. Visitors from around the world visit and take workshop at Eco-W.E.R.C.S. to learn how waste can become a resource.

First, Denton is uncovering landfill materials deposited in the 1980s. They try to “mine“ an old landfill area to recycle paper and other materials and to focus on using green products. This may be a first in the US and will be a test on how economical such a project can be for landfills to pursue. It was closed down recently because the economic did not sense. As a colleague recently commented – It may make sense later.

Second, after the original biodiesel plant at the landfill was closed in 2010 with some disappointment, recently a new company has emerged to go after the waste oils that can be turned into biodiesel fuel and other products. The original plant had mostly used virgin oil from seeds. The oil from seeds became too expensive. American Bio Source pays ECO-W.E.R.C.S. a monthly fee and pays Denton a royalty of some 85 cent per gallon produced. The methane from the landfill is a power source for the operation.

Third, the ECO-W.E.R.C.S. is reviewing how they may install solar panels on the south side of the landfill. UNT plans to install a solar farm at the Discovery Parks.

Fourth, while they have been recycling cement from demolished buildings for some years for road construction, recently they are now accepting all demolished materials like wood and steel that are recycled. This avoids throwing them in the land fill and thus saving space and money.

Fifth, because of good management Denton’s landfill does not flood when other landfills flood in our region. So, some years ago private waste companies transferred their business to the Denton landfill. Thus, Denton raises more funds for its operation.

Sixth, the landfill is collecting all liquids from the landfill and pumping them back into the landfill. This leads to faster decomposition of paper and some other objects in landfill: thus, this process creates a decrease in space used for waste.

Portland, Oregon

Water flowing through the city’s pipes will generate electricity like a dam with none of the environmental consequences.
Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes

Carmel, Indiana: Strong Sustainability Program

Over 1200 major are committed to climate change initiatives which involves 85% of US population; 1/3 Republicans and 2/3 Democrats. Carmel with a Republican mayor, spent $1 million on LED street lights. A twenty two percent return on their investment.

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old wheel chair old wheel chair1Recently FWOP was asked to locate wheelchairs and walkers for disabled in Muzquiz, Mexico.

Projecto 10 Muzquiz in Denton, Texas has families related to families in Muzquiza and takes material and supplies to Mexico weekly or monthly.

LTCare facilities in Denton County often have used chairs and walkersold wheel chair3

We have located a dozen or more in last two months and they are slowly being taken across the border.

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china 1 Nursing Home is a rural nursing home in the Hubei province in China. It was a rebuilt from an abandoned school.

There were more than 50 aging people living there when it operated at its peak. But later, some of them could no longer afford fee of $40 per person per month.

Xinmei Ye is the manager of this nursing home. She asked her husband and her mother help her run this place. It is a difficult time for them because there are only 28 seniors living there now.

The Solar Lamp Project of FWOP helped children in Indonesia ,Africa and Costa Rica. So Dr. Li and her husband bought solar lamps for residents in this rural nursing home of China. Solar

lamps are a novelty for residents in this nursing home. They were curious to learn how they worked.

Solar lamps helps residents because the facility experiences power failure periodically. The seniors can use solar lamp to go to the rest room at night. The lamps are convenient and avoids buying expensive batteries.


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DIY Air Monitoring Education for a Cleaner Environment


The University of North Texas, UNT, and Future Without Poverty, Inc., FWOP, are partnering to provide a series of STEM and Public Health workshops. During a 2 to 3‐hour hands‐on session we will show students how to build a simple particulate matter (PM) monitor with parts you can buy online and easily connect to a system of monitors in operation around the world (luftdaten). These workshops are designed to engage students in

science and engineering topics while educating our community about the environment and public health.

The workshops are structured with a flexible curriculum that can engage students at all levels and provides many avenues to introduce STEM and public health topics. Wherever a workshop is conducted, we will attempt to establish a single monitor and the remaining

monitors will be given to the students to install in their communities. Any monitors that are built but not installed will be donated to other areas of the world where significant air quality challenges persist.

The primary goals of these workshops are:

  1. Introduce STEM and Public Health topics to underserved and underrepresented communities,
  2. Educate the community about the impact of air quality on health and the environment at both local and global scales,
  3. Establish a network of PM monitors at home and abroad that will provide both a community alert system and a wealth of data for further research, and
  4. Have some fun!

This project will be conducted by Constant Marks, a PhD. student in Mechanical and Energy Engineering at UNT, with the help of two undergraduate students and a high school student. The work will be overseen by Prof. Stan Ingman, a Professor of Applied Gerontology, Editor of Sustainable Communities Review and Vice President of FWOP (

Several interested parties including the Dallas ISD, Frisco ISD, and Denton ISD, as well as various youth programs in Nashville and St Louis and the CATIE institute in Costa Rica have already been identified and are eager to bring these workshops to their students. We have also contacted a network of other researchers, civic organizations, and NGOs, who would like to be involved in this project at various capacities. These workshops are the initial phase of larger project that will be proposed for NSF funding in the fall.

PM Monitor Assembly Outline


The assembly of the PM monitor is designed so that anyone can do it. With only 7 wires and 2 cable ties, the kit becomes a Wi‐Fi connected PM monitoring station. A photo of the partially assembled monitor is shown below.


PM Monitoring Station


The parts are sourced from AliExpress and Amazon. A group in Stuttgart ( have programmed the firmware that will be installed on the PM monitors and hosts the servers that store the data. Part of the workshop will include teaching students how to connect and install firmware onto the monitor’s microcontroller (NodeMCU) and connecting the devices to the Luftdaten API. The microcontroller is based around the popular Arduino platforms and some of the more advanced modules will include programming in the Arduino IDE.

To assemble the monitors a PM sensor (SDS011) and a temperature and humidity sensor (DHT22) are connected to the NodeMCU. After wiring, the components are secured with cable ties and installed into the housing made from two PVC pipe fittings. Next we configure the stations Wi‐Fi, and then the sensor can be ‘tested’ after about 10 minutes on the website.

Finally, to make the PM monitors a permanent part of the network, we send some site specific information to We will send the students an email with their sensor ID, once the sensor are installed and integrated into the Lufdaten network.

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Colegio Union Mexico ( is a K-12 school in the Los Molinos subdivision, Zapopan, Jalisco – North West Guadalajara Metro Area. Established as a K – 9 school in 2012, by the next year, 2013, it added the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. On December 16th the FWOP team visited, experiencing a very dynamic day, to say the least!

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Our FWOP team visited Moonyeen King, the foreign retirees and the families at the poor hillside barrio of Tepehua in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. The relatively new Center ( provided Christmas lunch for some 500 children on December 20th, 2013.

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Numerous reports mention the possible elimination of extreme poverty in the world in the near future. At the same time, reports show that the percentage of people under the poverty level has risen from 18% to 22% in the last several years in the USA.
The recent mayor’s election in New York City focused upon the gap between rich and the rest of the New Yorkers that has been increasing, and some wonder if the middle class in the USA will continue to decline further. The Econonmist ( September 21, 2013; p12 ) noted : “ Americans’ income inequality is growing again. Time to cut subsidies to the rich and invest in the young.” Median household income has dropped from $56,000 in 2007 to under $52,000. Implication? Both conservatives and liberal agree this is the most fundamental political issue in the upcoming elections. Debate will be what to do about it?
“The gap in test scores between rich and poor children is 30-40 wider than it was 25 years ago.” The Economist article suggests a focus on early childhood education and more progressive taxes. With the tax code favoring the middle and upper classes, the Economist favors a flat tax. Details on this proposal would be important to follow carefully.

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[Email Transcript]

Subject: FWOP

Dr. Preston,

First off, I want to thank you for the recommendation letter you submitted for me a while back.  I just wanted to let you know that I have been granted admission in the the University of Kentucky’s Physician Assistant program, and I have accepted the position.

The program starts the first week of January.  Therefore, I will not be able to participate in FWOP as president of the UC chapter.  I was wondering if there was any way that I could still be involved in FWOP.  I know that you had mentioned that it was possible.  I really feel that just being affiliated with FWOP and being able to talk about the things that the organization was doing solidified my entrance into the UK PA program.

I had spoken with Kirsten about a month ago about ideas to move FWOP forward.  But now that I’m going to be leaving I obviously will not be able to follow through with those.

The part of the program that I will be apart of is actually located in Morehead, KY as a partnership with UK and Morehead State and with the assistance of  The Morehead portion is focused on underserved areas of the population and I would be allowed two internships outside of the country for that purpose.  That’s probably the biggest reason that I feel FWOP was on my side in the interview process.

Let me know if there is anything that I could be apart of, or if I could be involved in spreading FWOP to Morehead/UK.

Thanks again,
Cody Kirschner

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BATAVIA, OH (September 5, 2013) – A Future Without Poverty announced Michael “Doc” Preston, Assistant Professor of Biology at UC Clermont College, as the Future Without Poverty’s Breaking the Myth of No Effect 2013 Award recipient. A Future Without Poverty is an international volunteer run non-profit organization founded in 1995 that encourages individuals to make a difference by breaking the cycle of poverty. ….[more]

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