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Posted by Future Without Poverty On June - 20 - 2011 1 Comment

Syl Flores and Stan Ingman had a productive trip to Mexico City . FWOP was invited along with COFIMICH ( Bank and Construction Company In Morelia and Renamu ( Red Nacional de Mujeres Vigilantes Contracoria Social , AC) to meet with Secretary Herberto Felix Guerra , SEDESOL ( Federal Community Development Ministry). Our main agenda was whether a 3 for one program could be established by FWOP in USA to support the expansion of housing program for the poor.

Renamu or Mujeres Vigilante and COFIMICH have established with federal government has established at regional housing projects in Mazamitla ( 500 houses ) , Sahuyo de Morelos ( 250 houses) , Ocotlan (250 houses) and Morelia ( 3500 houses) . As we learned in Mexico City this will become a national program.

Secretary Felix Guerra of SEDESOL had visited Flor de Campo and Huereva to review FWOP projects , and thus wanted to meet representative from FWOP. Mujere Vigliantes had secured funds from SEDESOL to complete the electrification of Flor de Campo. Mujere Vigilantes has some 675,000 members nationally in Mexico and some 20,000 members in the states of Jalisco and Michoacan.

Equally important was our several meetings with national President of Renamu ( Lic Yvonne Solis Sandadoval ) , Regional President -Jalisco and Michoacan (Dra Mariana Contreras ) and Director of COFIMICH ( Lic. Ulises Reyes ) and our own FWOP representative in Mexico (Eduardo “Pato” Ochoa Contereras). Based upon our meeting we have establish a three for one program with SEDESOL to support a national housing program for low income citizens of Mexico. From its beginning in Michoacan and Jalisco , it is quickly to expand across Mexico. Some two hundred homes are planned to be built in the coming months in the State of Hidalgo linked to a cabanas or tourist development on a lake.

The Secretary of SEDESOL asked us to meet the Department of Agriculture and so on Friday afternoon we met Lic Beatriz Herrea del Rincon , Subsecretaria de Politica Sectorial , at the Secretaria de la Reforma Agraria. We secured their support for developing sustainable communities where ever the new houses are being built. We learned that some 50 women will travel to Israel soon to study sustainable agricultural practices. Two women from Flor de Campo and one women from Mazamitla will be part of the delegation.

What is impressive is that some houses are now complete. In Sahuyo de Morelos some 30 houses are complete and in Mazamitla the land is prepared for construction to begin . These three bedrooms houses also have some major ecological and energy saving features. Methane biodigestors using methane gas from toilets will be used for cooking, and a solar water heating system on the roof will heat the water for baths. Residents will secure some reduction of their monthly payments if they participate in recycling. The expertise and progress design of both the financial and the architecture plans done by Mr Ulises Reyes, of COFIMICH, was exceptional . We will explain in more details the design features of his banking model and his the house designs in a later note. Overall the organizational skills of the Mujeres Viligantes and the technical skills of COFIMICH organization were very impressive . FWOP is honored to join their team.

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